18 November 2018
Safety Policy
Safety is HAECO Spirit AeroSystems' primary element, which means we will commit to:
1.     Provide a safe working environment to all our staff and visitors
2.     Deliver safe products to our customer.
We will achieve the above by implementing a comprehensive safety management system.
    Establish and carry out the safety management system.
    Comply with the relevant Laws and regulation.
    Identify and eliminate hazards and related risks continuously and proactively.
    Set up the safety goal and review timely.
    Implement safety responsibility and make clear of the management and staff responsibility in safely performance.
    Provide the necessary manpower and finance resources.
    Enhance the safety trainings for all staff.
    Establish an equitable corporate culture.
    Establish clear and acceptable staff Codes of conduct.
    Encourage the staff freely reporting of all significant errors, safety hazards and concerns and promise won’t be revenged.
    Carry out the incident investigation actively, automatic recognition systems and tissue defects.
    Record and analyze all findings, take corrective actions and preservative actions.
    Communicate with all staff and Responsible parties proactively.
    Through the effective risk management methods, improve the company safety level continuously.
Ultimate accountability safety in the company attribute to the accountable manager, but responsibility for safety lies with each and every one of us – from managers to front-line employees, it is the duty and responsibility of all staff to comply with safety measures and to ensure that safety remains our top priority at all times.
Safety policy should be written in the company manual and displayed on the notice board, all employees are required to accept the relevant training, ensure understanding of relevant content to improve the safety consciousness.