18 November 2018
Career Journey

At HAECO Spirit AeroSystems every component we receive needs to be inspected, repaired, cleaned and often painted. The components we receive are varied, but all are complex, and all require experience to be able to properly handle.
Due to the nature of our business, it’s imperative that we have staff which are well trained and bring care and attention to the work at hand. As such the company will invest in training and understudying to develop your career.
HAECO Spirit AeroSystems is a new company which is part of a much older collection of companies. HAECO, HAECO Spirit AeroSystems' main shareholder - and manager - passed its 60th birthday last year. HAECO’s main owner, Swire Pacific has origins via John Swire and Sons, which is approaching its 200th birthday. We state this to impress upon you the history of who we are, and the importance placed on our people, as without the right culture and people, these companies would not have reached the ages which they are.
Lastly, it’s important to note that TSJ is run as a meritocracy. Your position and pay is based solely on performance. Great performance is made up of experience, diligence, efficiency, quality of work, safety and care given.
A typical production career path in HAECO Spirit AeroSystems would look something like this: